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Lonicera Longevity is a powerful core product for health and well being that should
be a part of your daily routine. It contains all of the health-supporting properties of
Lonicera Caerulea with Anti-oxidants, C3g, Iridoids and so much more.

Based on new university-level studies on glutathione, Longevity is the first product
to feature two unique delivery forms for glutathione optimization to ensure the
greatest possible results.



Lonicera Rhythm combines traditional herbal knowledge with today's cutting-edge nutritional
technology for a highly specialized formulation of integrated nutrition that is safe and efficient for ALL
cycles of a woman's gender-specific health. 100% Natural without any preservatives or harmful
additives and designed to be safely taken consistently every day of the month.

Formulated by Science with you in mind to be used as a stand-alone product and/or for maximum
nutritional synergism may be used in conjunction with Lonicera Longevity and the entire suite of
Lonicera Brand products. Find your balance with RHYTHM and Feel Your Best Every Day of the Month.



Lonicera Lift is a powerhouse product that can assist in delivering energy, mental
clarity, and improved motivation and mood. Lift is Peak Performance in a bottle AND
your go-to source for clean, safe and efficient energy. 

Lift contains the adaptogen Rhodiola, and ATP making it one of the most advanced,
healthy, energy, focus, and mental clarity products ever formulated. On day one
you’ll feel it. On day two you’ll love it, and on day three you’ll be telling your friends
about it.



We live in a very hectic & sometimes unpredictable world. Relaxation and renewal
is so vital for your long term health and well being.

Millions are not sleeping well, and carry anxiety and many types of stress around
each day including physical, mental, nutritional and toxic stress.

It’s estimated by the American Heart Association that over 100 million people in
North America have high blood pressure. This can be due to many factors, with
stress and anxiety playing a big role.

Tranquility is a powerful blend of Lonicera Caerulea and select botanicals designed
to support relaxation and restoration which in turn supports the management of
anxiety, stress and by default, healthy blood pressure for millions.

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