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Return & Refund Policy

Updated: 09/01/2019

Product Satisfaction Guarantee* Product may be returned within 30 days after the original date of purchase (order date) for a 100% refund. In addition, unopened product returned between 31 and 60 days may be returned, however, a 20% restocking fee will apply.

Shipping costs associated with returning products are the responsibility of the Customer/Brand Advocate returning the product. Any commissions and bonuses earned on the returned products will be deducted from the refund amount on all return transactions.

Returned products may impact bonuses and commissions paid to the upline/sponsor. Brand Advocate must be in good standing.

A. All returns, whether by a Customer, or Brand Advocate, must be made as follows: I. Obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) from Modexus; II. Ship items to the address provided by Modexus Customer service when you are given our RMA. III. Provide a copy of the invoice with the returned products or service. Such invoice must reference the RMA and include the reason for the return. B. All returns must be shipped to Modexus prepaid, as Modexus does not accept shipping collect packages.

Modexus recommends shipping returned product via UPS or FedEx with tracking and insurance, as the risk of loss or damage in shipping of the returned product shall be borne solely by the Customer or Brand Advocate. If the returned product is not received at the Modexus Distribution Center, it is the responsibility of the Customer or Brand Advocate to trace the shipment, and no credit will be applied. C. The return of $500 or more of products accompanied by a request for a refund within a calendar year, by a Brand Advocate, may constitute grounds for involuntary termination. Cancellation Policy: If a Brand Advocate or Customer wishes to cancel an order, please call customer service at ‪(385) 202-5335‬. We can only cancel orders before it ships. If an order has already shipped, please refer to the return policy.


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